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You’re reading my uncut review of what I think about the product called “Hear and Play”. Note this is a review if you’re looking for the Hear and Play website click here

As I said before I think it is crucial for any musician to be able to play by ear. This is the only way to playing music that you “play” in your head and in fact the only right way to composing. Even if you do not think now about composing in future the ability to play by ear will pay off anyway. You will learn any song a way quicker and just by listening to it.

Ok, let’s get to the product it self. The “Hear and Play” course was developed by Jermaine Griggs’ company Hear and Play Music, Inc. based in Santa Ana, California.

The main part of the course is an ebook Secrets to Playing Piano by Ear. In this book you will learn how to play the piano without any sheetmusic. You will find out the way to play the melody to given chords, learn the chords progressions, improvization and transposing the songs to different scales.

I personally consider most valuable the part with explanation of “hearing” the chords. Actually this is the best way how to learn to play any instrument by ear. If you get to understand what are the single notes of any chord and you recognize the type of chord (major, minor, major 7, etc.) by ear plus you add the ability to play these notes on the important beats (usually the first ones) you are able to improvize. It is this simple and you will learn it, because everybody is able to learn it.

Another great lesson is that one which teaches you to ‘hum’ the song. The humming will get the scale of the song to your head and with the abilities mentioned in the previous paragraph you will get the song out of your head to the keyboard of the piano.

Another major pros I see in Hear and Play:

  1. You will lear all basic fingerings, scales and modulations
  2. You will learn important chord progressions
  3. You will consciously and step by step train your ear
  4. You will fully manage the chord substitutions
  5. You will get some useful sight reading tips
  6. The price is friendly


  1. Missing explanation of other scales than major, minor and modulations
  2. The main work is still up to you.


If you REALLY want to play music by ear this program will make your way quicker and much more efficient. You would spend much much more money by paying the music teacher to learn all the techniques covered in Hear and Play. So my thumb is up. Find out more here if you want.

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Finding the key to any song – hear and play

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Jermaine Griggs

Jermaine Griggs (28) is the founder of hearandplay.com and his life-story is quite admirable. He started his business career at age of 10 by selling different stuff from Olympia and Avon and five years later began giving his first paid piano lessons.

Jermaine is a graduate of University of California and lives in Orange County.

His success consists in connection of his passion – music and internet marketing. His ability to play by ear led him to the set up of Hearandplay.com in 2000. Within 4 years he made a million dollar business from it.

Over 2 million musicians download his online lessons every year and over 200,000 of them receive regular newsletters.


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I decided to write this page because I think it is CRUCIAL for any musician to be able to play by ear a song that he/she hears. Most of the modern pc tools that enable to learn step by step almost any song are fine. I have nothing against them. But playing by ear will get you literally to a  different world. What will you get when you start playing by ear?

1) You will recognize the key of any song firstly within minutes and in seconds later on

2) You will learn and understand much quicker all the connections between chords and scales

3) Recognizing major/minor/diminished chords and playing them will no longer be a problem

4) Repeated listening and playing will create your own music memory of degrees (the difference between two tones).

5) MOST IMPORTANT advantage that you gain will be the ability to create YOUR OWN music

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